Shhhh. Be very quiet. UALR is home this Thursday

The best team in the Sun Belt Conference is headed to UALR on Thursday night. It's almost as if UALR doesn't want you to know.

Georgia State, which is 9-0 in Sun Belt play and riding a 13-game winning streak, visits third-place UALR on Thursday. An upset victory by UALR would put the Trojans right in the middle of the race for the top seed in next months' Sun Belt Tournament.

You would think UALR would be screaming this information at every opportunity to anyone who might be willing to listen.

But two days away and there's been hardly a mention of the game. There were no ads in the newspaper this morning. If there were radio ads running, we missed them. We heard a little brief discussion on one of the sports radio stations on Monday. There certainly hasn't been any TV mentions of the game.

And as far as we can tell, there's not a single promotion scheduled for Thursday night. Here's my suggestion: Get $5 off a $12 ticket if you mention NCAA 6th Fan at the box office. Something. Anything.

The coaches have put together a good team and the players are definitely playing hard. They're 7-3 through 10 games of Sun Belt Conference play. Despite all that, there's no buzz surrounding the Stephens Center.

Heck, even UA-Fayetteville had an ad promoting the Zooperstars at their game vs. Alabama this week. By the way, the Zooperstars are pretty awesome. I'm sure it will make attending that game a little more bearable.

Back to UALR. The weather isn't projected to be great. It's a school night. Big Bang Theory is on TV. There's lots of reasons for folks not to bother and just stay home. 

Unfortunately, UALR refuses to make them bother.