Another day, no promotion for UALR's big game on Thursday

Driving in to work this morning, I flipped back and forth between a couple of "sports" radio stations. Both had local shows in progress. Neither made a single mention of tomorrow's UALR vs. Georgia State game. I then flipped through the newspaper. Again, no mention of the game in there that I could find.

UALR vs. Georgia State
7 p.m. Thursday
Jack Stephens Center
UALR has a story up on its Web site. But people heading there likely already know about Thursday's game. UALR DBO Ted Crass did make a nice appeal via Twitter:

But those following Ted also are probably aware of the schedule.

The reality is that Thursday vs. Georgia State and Saturday vs. Western Kentucky are two of the three biggest home games of the year for UALR (Arkansas State would be the other). Both games figure to be among the most competitive and entertaining of the season. UALR needs a good crowd.

Unfortunately, many sports fans don't know it's happening or what's at stake. I'm sure there will be a nice story in tomorrow's newspaper. But I'm afraid it will be too late to matter.