UALR student manager gets shot at D1 basketball


Hopefully we'll get a better image
later, but Ted Crass is in uniform on the
bench next to Marlon Louzeiro.

The feel-good story of Saturday’s 68-60 UALR loss to Middle Tennessee didn’t appear in the box score.

UALR’s long-time student manager Ted Crass got to live out his dream as a Division I basketball player. Crass was on the bench in uniform for Saturday’s game.

This is what Crass posted on Twitter just before game time:
“5 years ago. I let go of my dream to play D1 basketball. I decided to help kids reach that dream. In doing that I reached my own dream. #UALR”
Crass is a great guy. And when he's not doing all the dirty work behind the scenes for the UALR basketball team, he's working on his game. He's undersized but he's got some skills. This was a reward from UALR Coach Shields and the coaching staff for all of Crass' hard work and dedication over the years.

It was pretty clear how Shields thinks of Crass. When I interviewed him last week, he mentioned Crass when talking about how lucky he was to have this coaching staff in place.

If the game had been more lopsided, Crass likely would have gotten a shot. And there’s no doubt about what his intentions were if he got in.
“If I get in …. guarantee I will shoot it”
We hope Crass gets that shot.