Hot Springs continues to value, support Sun Belt Basketball Tournament

Today's Hot Springs newspaper ad
When folks talk bad about Hot Springs' hosting of the Sun Belt Conference basketball tournaments it makes me wonder why. Hot Springs might not be the most convenient location for some members of the conference, but it's been, by far, the most hospitable in the history of the tournament.

Hot Springs has given the Sun Belt whatever its asked for, including installing an alternate court to allow two games to be played at the same time.But the biggest thing Hot Springs has done is their attitude that the Sun Belt Tournament is important.A recent story in the Sentinel-Record in Hot Springs indicated Hot Springs' values the Sun Belt Tournament more than the Arkansas High School Basketball Tournament.

Hot Springs goes the extra mile. They install flags all over town promoting the tournament. There are billboards up year-round. Radio ads are now appearing locally. And these ads have started appearing in the local newspaper.

No other city has ever come close to providing this type of support.