UALR White Out on Thursday? Maybe. If you want

Photo: Remember to wear white to tomorrow's game at the JSC vs. Louisiana! Starts at 7 PM, students get in free! #UALR #Whiteout

Are we wearing white for Thursday's UALR game against Louisiana-Lafayette?

Maybe. If you want. No one is stopping you.

I follow UALR about as much as anybody. And I'm only aware of this event because I am on Twitter and Facebook.

You see, UALR has been promoting some sort of fan white out through some of its social media channels. But if you don't happen to get your news there, you probably don't know anything about it. On UALR Coach Steve Shields' Web site, he wrote: "We are having a "Whiteout" for this Thursday's game against Louisiana. The UALR student section will be dressed in white, and we encourage anyone that comes out to participate."

I read that to mean UALR is giving t-shirts to the student section. Typically when schools do this, they get a sponsor and give out white t-shirts. Since that isn't mentioned, we're guessing everyone else has to bring their own.

Unfortunately, the only White out I'm expecting to see in force will be the UALR injury report. Something tells me there will be plenty of other colors visible. And not just the empty black seats.