Curious about where UALR is headed this week? Check out Tortola, BVI

Just where is UALR headed this week? Check out the info on Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

The Experience 

Known as “the land that time forgot,” the British Virgin Islands remains an undeveloped haven for natural 
treasures; what the destination lacks is its greatest asset -- no high-rise hotels, no casinos and no crowds 

Mystical, lush and inspiring with 60 storied islands, the destination lures adventurers, romantics and 
escapists with verdant hillsides covered in ancient mahogany trees and cacti, pristine beaches kissed by 
Technicolor tides, a colourful aquarium of the world’s most diverse sea life, extensive coral reefs 
responsible for claiming renowned wrecks, vast outbacks and wildlife sanctuaries sheltering endangered 


Situated between the deep waters of the Atlantic and the glittering Caribbean Sea, just east of Puerto 
Rico. Other nearby neighbours include the United States Virgin Islands, located to the immediate south 
west of the BVI 

Most islands lay in a distinct formation flanked around the Sir Frances Drake Channel -- including the 
main island of Tortola creating the backbone of the Channel, Virgin Gorda stretching to form the eastern 
border, Jost Van Dyke lingering in the west, Anegada dangling remotely north in the Atlantic and a series 
of smaller islands speckled in the south 


Rising majestically out of the Caribbean Sea, the islands, nearly all mountainous with lush elevations, 
envelope visitors in the relaxing embrace of Caribbean lifestyle 


• Surfing in the northern Apple and Josiah’s Bay 
• Sailing adventures in the south from Nanny Cay and Road Harbour 
• Soper’s Hole remains a vibrant centre of activity 
• Cane Garden Bay is a centre for energetic beach activities