BTH Analysis: Leeper's limited minutes continue to be a plus for UALR

Friday's Rotation
When you analyze statistics, especially nontraditional statistics like plus/minus, you have to take it with a grain of salt. Still, some things continue to be present game after game. That’s the case with junior forward Gus Leeper.

Leeper played only 12 minutes in Friday night’s loss at Memphis. He didn’t score, had only 2 rebounds and missed his only two field goal attempts. But while he was in the game, UALR outscored Memphis 18-13.

And it’s not a one-time occurrence. Leeper is +13 for the season, making him +1.4 for each game played. UALR is +0.11 for every minute Leeper has played this season. That’s not a huge number. If he played 30 minutes it would translate to UALR outscoring its opponent by 3.3 when he was in. But it’s a bigger number than anyone else has put up this season.

Leeper and sophomore Kemy Osse (+3 in 14 minutes) were the only two Trojans on the plus side on Friday.