Sun Belt to switch to 18 game schedule; drops 150 RPI requirement

Somehow we missed this.

Here's a couple of highlights from that Associated Press story:
  • Sun Belt basketball teams will play an 18-game schedule next season (2013-14).
  • Each school will play the other five teams in its division home and home for 10 games.
  • Each school will play home-and-homes against four of the six teams in the other division for the other 8 games.
  • That means each school will not play two members at all next year.
Sun Belt teams are playing a full round robin 20-game schedule this year.

But here's equally big news:
A 2010 mandate that schools play non-conference games against teams that either had a three-year combined power rating in the top 150 or that finished in the RPI Top 150 the previous year was also ditched, with the focus shifting toward teams playing more home games, Benson said.

While former Commisioner Wright Waters pushed for the 150 scheduling mandate, coaches have pushed for more home games. Why? In college basketball, home teams win most of the time -- across the board.

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