Sun Belt commish Benson speaks out about basketball tourney in Hot Springs

What's the future of the Sun Belt Tournament in Hot Springs? Here's what new Sun Belt Conference commissioner Karl Benson had to say yesterday during a visit to Bowling Green, Ky.
"We are contracted through the 2014 season in Hot Springs and we certainly are prepared and ready to fulfill that obligation. Hot Springs has provided [four] years I believe of opportunities and tournament environment for Sun Belt fans and yet there’s always a time when you need to evaluate what’s in the best interest of the conference. I’ve been charged by Sun Belt presidents to go through an evaluation period that will probably take place over the next 6 to 8 to 9 months. Contractually, there needs to be conversation between the Sun Belt and Hot Springs following the 2013 season, which we will do to determine whether we extend that arrangement or look elsewhere for a site. I’ve been impressed. I was in Hot Springs. The facility is ideal and the organizing committee has embraced the tournament. But, again, I think there’s an obligation to see if there’s a better location.”