UALR point guard D'Andre Williams has gone 81 game minutes without a turnover


D'Andre Williams
This probably isn’t a record. I’m sure many have gone longer. But for a point guard who handles the ball as much as UALR’s D’Andre Williams does, it’s really impressive.

Williams had 6 assists without a turnover in Saturday’s loss to Missouri State. This came on the heels of 10 assists and 0 turnovers in last week’s victory over Philander Smith. Those amazing efforts came just after the SMU game when Williams had 3 assists and 8 turnovers. He had 7 of those turnovers in the first half and the eighth two minutes into the second half. He then played the final 23 minutes (game went to overtime) without another turnover.

Going into Monday night’s game against Oral Roberts, Williams has played the past 81 game minutes without a turnover. That's two complete games worth of minutes without giving it away.

No doubt his assist total would be higher in those games if UALR was shooting a higher percentage from the field. But it’s impressive none-the-less.

And it’s about as effective as a point guard can be.