UALR bench outperforms starters in loss to La Tech


Tramar Sutherland
About the most surprising aspect of Saturday’s UALR collapse at Louisiana Tech was the plus/minus rating of freshman Taggart Lockhart. Lockhart has been a pretty consistent plus this season and had not been a minus in the five previous games. But he was a -12 on Saturday. Hopefully it was just a blip. He’s the far and away team leader in this category this season.

The reserves far out played the starters in Saturday’s game. Senior Tramar Sutherland led the way with a +9 with the Trojans outscoring the Bulldogs 23-14 during his minutes. The starters’ totals were:
  • Courtney Jackson +1 (36-35)
  • D’Andre Williams -3 (68-71)
  • Will Neighbour -6 (52-58)
  • Ben Dillard -8 (23-31)
  • Taggart Lockhart -12 (45-57)
The killer segment came in the second half as Louisiana Tech cut UALR’s lead from 58-50 to 59-58. On the court for that -7 were Williams, Dillard, Lockhart, Neighbour and Marlon Louziero (who was +2 the rest of the game).