BTH Rewind: UALR doesn't bite back when Louisiana Tech rallies.

One would hope that UALR is getting these out of the system before Sun Belt Conference play. Again, the Trojans got off to a solid start and couldn’t hang on. This team needs an on-the-court leader, a John Fowler, a Solomon Bozeman. It needs a player that will do whatever it takes to win when the game’s on the line. We haven’t seen one of those on the court yet this season.

BTH Keys

1. Free money. UALR went 17 of 24 at the free throw line while Louisiana Tech was only 11 of 18. That’s about what Louisiana Tech opponents average against the Bulldogs. Grade: A.

2. Rebound. UALR outrebounded Louisiana Tech 35-32, but the Bulldogs had 10 offensive rebounds to UALR’s 9. Of course, one was that ridiculous team rebound on that free throw that got stuck. Grade: B-.

3. Someone else. D’Andre Williams had 13 and Will Neighbour had 12. UALR received 12 from Chuck Guy and 9 from Taggart Lockhart, but not much else. Grade: B-.

4. Bite back. UALR held a 15-point first-half lead and a 13-point second half lead. But when Louisiana Tech started to rally, UALR didn’t bite back. Grade: F.

Key stat

UALR had 18 turnovers that resulted in 26 Louisiana Tech points, while the Bulldogs had 11 turnovers resulting in 8 UALR points.