Report card: Inability to get to the free throw line costs UALR vs. Missouri State

Revisiting the Burn The Horse keys to victory from Saturday's game against Missouri State.
  1. Better start. UALR jumped out to a nine-point lead in the first 10 minutes on Saturday, but the Trojans couldn’t sustain it. That might have even been deceiving. If Neighbour hadn’t scored 13 of the first 16 points, UALR would have likely been behind. And when Missouri State upped its pressure on Neighbour, UALR went into an offensive lull. The result was a nine-point Bears lead at the half. Grade: B-
  2. Turnovers and Rebounds. Turnovers were a major plus. UALR had only eight in the game. Rebounding wasn’t as solid. UALR held the early rebound edge, but couldn’t sustain. The result left Missouri State with a 29-25 rebounding edge. Grade: B-
  3. Toe the line. It was listed as Key No. 3, but it probably should have been at the top of the list. UALR needed to put fouls on Missouri State and score easy points at the free throw line in the process. Missouri State went 22 of 28 at the free-throw line while UALR went just 9 of 14. That was the difference on Saturday. Grade: F