UALR Gamenight blog: Trojans crushed by Northwestern State

80     65

UALR loses 80-65 at Northwestern State on Tuesday to drop to 2-5 on the season. UALR did shoot a whopping 40 percent from the field and 36 percent from three-point range. But the Trojans got outrebounded 39-31 and allowed the Demons to shoot 45 percent from the field.

Eric Lawton, making his first start of the season, leads UALR with 12 points. But he also had five turnovers. Will Neighbour and Marlon Louzeiro added 10 points apiece, while Chuck Guy had 9 points.

Michael Javes was a non-factor and didn't even get on the court in the second half. He played only 10 minutes, finishing with 0 points and 2 rebounds.

Up next: Trojans host Missouri State on Sunday.

Final-NSU 80, UALR 65
UALR rallies in garbage time to make it look a little better than it really was. By the way, that North Texas loss at Texas-Arlington last week was 97-64. This wasn't as bad on the scoreboard, but it's equally bad for the Sun Belt Conference.

2:38-NSU 80, UALR 58
Not much else to say at this point. Sunday against Missouri State could be just as ugly. Here's something positive: Trojans are going to up their season field-goal and three-point percentage with tonight's effort. They're shooting 38 percent from the field and 36 percent from three-point range. OK. That's all I've got.

UALR women lose 73-50 to Missouri State.

6:00-NSU 71, UALR 47
Keep telling yourself this. When you schedule these home-and-homes you're just hoping for a split. Correct? If you say it enough times it must be true.... Lone bright spot: Marlo has 10 points. .... Shields tries to get Benton's Brad Gaston to give him a technical foul. Gaston won't do it. Just gives a warning. Gaston once opened a sports bar in a dry county. It's gone through about three different names since then.... Appears Joe Kleine might have picked up a T instead.

7:46-NSU 69, UALR 44
More annoying trivial matters. Ray keeps saying Northwestern State used to be known as Northwestern Louisiana. Except that it wasn't. Ever. .... We stopped listening for a minute. Is this really a 25 point game? I think NSU will have a nice team in the Southland, but this is awful. How bad did North Texas lose to Texas-Arlington last week? Sun Belt definitely not representing so far this year.

11:52-NSU 59, UALR 40
Maybe we're just oversensitive during a bad Trojan effort, but these Corky's Razorbacks commercials playing in the UALR games are really annoying.... Even more annoying: D'Andre Williams now has four fouls.... NSU is 11 of 13 at the free throw line. They shoot less than 60 percent on the season.... Williams goes out, but then comes back in with four fouls. Recipe for disaster but it shows how desperate UALR is at this point.

15:54-NSU 49, UALR 34
Welcome back Marlo. He's got five points early this half. He's also drawn a couple of fouls. And he's picked up a couple of fouls as well.... With little choice, UALR goes to a press. But every time UALR cuts into the lead, NSU hits a big shot at the other end. The defensive breakdowns are killing the Trojans tonight.

Halftime leaders
Eric Lawton (7), D'Andre Williams (5), Courtney Jackson (5) and Chuck Guy (5)

Halftime-NSU 42, UALR 26
Pathetic performance by the Trojans. It started off OK, but quickly spiraled downward.
It could be worse. UALR women trail Missouri State 46-21 at the half.

Now it's 39-22. Steve Shields has already called his third timeout of the half.
Lead swells to 14 points. This one's getting away from the Trojans.

4:23-NSU 30, UALR 20
Jackson makes 1 of 2 FTs for UALR....8 UALR turnovers have led to 8 NSU points so far. .... And Lockhart misses two FTs for Trojans .... Jackson misses two more FTs. UALR is 1 of 6 at the free throw line so far.... Demons stretch lead to largest of the night (25-18). .... Wish Ray would quit calling Northwestern State the Demon Deacons.... Even worse, D'Andre Williams now has three fouls. .... Trojans are in trouble early after NSU takes 27-18 lead. Then 30-20 lead.

7:51-NSU 23, UALR 17
NSU is a bad free throw shooting team. But the Demons are 4 for 4 so far. UALR has yet to get to the line. ....

10:55-NSU 19, UALR 17
Six of the seven UALR players who have entered the game have already scored. ... Did a 37 percent free throw shooter just make two in a row for the Demons?

Northwestern State has an almost insane five blocked shots in the first five minutes.

15:15-UALR 10, NSU 10
Guy needs to get hot. He hits an early three to give UALR a brief lead. Then Lawton hits a three to allow UALR to retake the lead. The Trojans have struggled from 3, but they're 2 for 2 to start. Trojans not playing much defense in the early going. NSU makes 5 of first 7 shots. The defensive end is where Sutherland gives you more than Lawton.
19:59-UALR 0, NSU 0
Opening tip goes to NSU.

Benton's Brad Gaston one of three officials doing tonight's game.
UALR changes up the starting lineup for the first time this season. Eric Lawton gets the nod ahead of Tramar Sutherland. The other starters continue to be D'Andre Williams, Chuck Guy, Courtney Jackson and Michael Javes.
Northwestern State starts Shamir Davis, Demetrice Jacobs, Louis Ellis, Gary Roberson and William Mosley.

UALR takes on Northwestern State at 7 p.m. tonight. BTH live blog starts just before 7.