Neighbour has big numbers, bad plus/minus in UALR loss to MSU

Pretty much everybody’s plus/minus numbers are in a freefall after the pair of weekend losses.

UALR sophomore Will Neighbour seemingly had one of his best games as a Trojan with 11 points and 12 rebounds. But a look at the plus/minus reveals that he was on the hook for the full 22 points of the loss.

With Neighbour in the game, Michigan State outscored the Trojans 60-38. The score was 9-9 with Neighbour on the bench.

Similarly, Michigan State was on top 52-32 with sophomore Chuck Guy in the game. Michigan State held a 17-15 advantage with Guy on the bench.

In contrast, UALR trailed only 37-31 in the minutes played by freshman Michael Javes. Michigan State held a 32-16 advantage with Javes on the bench.