Sun Belt stopped awarding an overall regular season champion when divisions were implemented

   Just so you know I'm not making this stuff up. This comes from the Sun Belt Website. It is a list of regular season Sun Belt champions. Note that in 2008, Western Kentucky and South Alabama finished with a better regular season conference record than UALR. And note that in 2007, South Alabama had a better conference record than Arkansas State and Louisiana-Monroe.
   In 2010, Middle Tennessee, North Texas and Troy all had identical records. In 2009, UALR and Western Kentucky had identical conference records (even though Western swept UALR in the regular season).
   The Sun Belt only awards regular season championships in basketball for division champions. This wasn't always the case. When UALR won the regular-season championship in 1996 there were no divisions. But once divisions were put into place, the regular season overall championship went away.
   This year, Florida Atlantic will be listed as the East Division champion. And either ULL, ASU or Denver or some combination of the three will be listed as the West Division champion.
(Men's Basketball (Regular Season)
2010Middle Tennessee
North Texas
Western Kentucky
2008South Alabama
Western Kentucky
2007Arkansas State
South Alabama