South Alabama apparently pretty unimpressed by UALR last night

No social media is private, but Twitter is probably the least private of all. And after UALR got beat badly by South Alabama last night, USA’s Gary Redus and Arkansas State’s Brandon Peterson had this exchange:
y'all better kill UALR fam...they sorry as hell lmao
Lmao i got ya bruh. I see yall smashed dem tonite
shiiiid nigga im tired...the main thing i need is rest lol...imma old head now like kobe lol

Redus also had this to say to teammate Martino Brock:
lmao they was the worst hahaha...but yeah i gotta slay fau...n we gone beat them..but big sug prolly gone get locked up lol
Brandon Peterson’s Twitter is @bpeterson15
Gary Redus’ Twitter is @G_5601
And Martino Brock’s Twiter is @yso serious_901