Marlo's plus 12 rates best for UALR in loss to Arkansas State

   BTH thought if we procrastinated long enough we could just pretend that ASU game didn't happen last Saturday. But its time to move on.

Marlon Louzeiro
   The surprise plus/minus performer of the night was Marlon Louzeiro, who came out of mothballs to finish at a +12 for the game. UALR outscored Arkansas State 35-23 while Louzeiro was on the court. That's pretty impressive considering ASU's 11-point victory.    Matt Mouzy was second at even with UALR tying Arkansas State 21-21 while he was in the game. Solomon Bozeman was third at -2 with UALR losing 62-60 with him on the court. And Chuck Guy was fourth at -3 with ASU outscoring UALR 60-57 with him in the game.
   For the season, Guy still has the best plus/minus rating at +37. Louzeiro and Derrick Bails are tied for second at +28.
   In the past five games, Bails' mark of +24 leads the way. He's followed by Mouzy at +18.

   Figuring out the UALR women's plus minus has become easy because Coach Joe Foley is rarely going to his bench anymore.Asriel Rolfe, Chastity Reed and Shanika Butler all played the entire 40 minutes against Arkansas State. As a result, all three get ratings of +17. But the top rating goes to Janette Merriex, who subbed out for a -2 segment to leave her at +19 for the game.
   For the season, Butler's total of +163 continues to lead Rolfe by 2. Reed is third at +143.
   In the past five games, Reed is tops at +72.