BTH Need to Read (2/6): Hot Springs purchases new court for Sun Belt Tournament

   Summit Arena will have a new basketball court when the Sun Belt Tournament is played there in March.
   The Hot Springs Convention Center has purchased a new court that will be placed in Summit Arena for the tournament. The old court will be used in the Convention Center's alternate court. Both courts are painted with the Sun Belt Conference logos. The new court paint in the free throw lanes and boundaries are primarily black.
Last year, the HSCC had to rent the secondary court.
   The new court cost $103,400 and is a higher-quality floor. It is cushioned much like the court at the Jack Stephens Center. It also features narrower maple strips than the old court.
And the best part is that there will be no stickers on the court, which has caused players to slip in the past. Last year, the secondary court did have stickers.
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