Alex Garcia-Mendoza's +8 is UALR's best mark in in one-point loss to ULL

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Alex Garcia-Mendoza
   UALR men's and women's basketball statistics and plus/minus ratings have been updated in the right-hand column of this page.
   Looking back to last Saturday's one-point loss at Louisiana-Lafayette, Alex Garcia-Mendoza turned in the best plus/minus rating of the night at +8 While El Fuerte was on the court, UALR outscored Louisiana-Lafayette 54-46. D'Andre Williams and Solomon Bozeman tied for second best at +5. UALR was ahead 54-49 with Bozeman on the court and 49-44 with Williams on the court.
   The others at either even or on the plus side for that game included: Derrick Bails, Chuck Guy and Montrell Thornton.
   Bails has the season best mark of +42, followed by Bozeman at +39. In the past five games, Bails' +16 is best, followed by Marlon Louzeiro at +11.

   In Saturday's UALR women's basketball victory at Louisiana-Lafayette, Hannah Fohne posted a team best +7. UALR outscored Louisiana-Lafayette 30-23 with Fohne on the court.
   Shanika Butler's +182 leads Asriel Rolfe's +173 in the season standings. Butler's +70 is also best in the past five games.