Watch the final play of the UALR-Denver game and the foul that wasn't

   There's been a lot of talk about the end of the UALR-Denver game and why UALR Coach Steve Shields got suspended for one game. Not to justify Shields' actions (no one's really even said what he did), but it does appear he had a legitimate gripe. After Bozeman's three-pointer misses, Matt Mouzy tips the ball back out to Bozeman who clearly gets fouled as he attempts a final shot. Officials ruled this wasn't a foul and sprinted off the court as fast as they could (as officials typically do). You can catch a glimpse of Shields' initial reaction, but anything after that is not shown. Another interesting note is that game statistics people charged Bozeman with a turnover on the play.
   The suspension ended up not mattering as UALR routed Louisiana-Monroe.
   See for yourself: