Is CJEOTO's Phil Taylor playing for FIU on Thursday against UALR?

UALR at Fla. Intl.
6 p.m. Thursday
Miami, Florida
    Rumors are circulating that Florida International may have highly-regarded recruit Phil Taylor available for Thursday's game against UALR. You can read about Taylor from the fall when it became known that he wasn't attending FIU.
   Also in that story was Dominique Ferguson, who recently became eligible and is now playing.
   Taylor apparently ended up at CJEOTO (Central Jersey Each One Teach One) Academy in Somerset, N.J., after playing his senior year in Marietta, Ga. And he was playing there. Check out this Tweet from CJEOTO Coach Ian Turnbull Sr. on Dec. 18:
CJEOTO Academy defeats Brittain Academy(NC) 98-67 to win CJEOTO Prep Classic. Phil Taylor leads with 40 points

   Taylor was weighing his options in December, including Western Kentucky. This quote is from the WKU Herald:
   “Everything happens for a reason," he said. "So now I’m just taking the time to weigh my options."
   He also said he wanted to schedule a visit to WKU as soon as possible.
   “If everything goes right and I like the visit, then I could possibly commit very early,” he said. “I’m definitely digging the Western feel.”
   We're not sure if everything didn't go right or he just decided to take his talents to South Beach, err, head South to Miami, for the Spring semester.
   He's not yet been added to the roster posted online. And frankly, no one knows if he's even eligible. Or how it would even be possible to play half a season a a prep school and half a season at a Division I school.
   The Miami Herald is running with Taylor's Tweets, saying he's on the way to FIU.
   Hello? NCAA??
   Check out this priceless shot Florida Atlantic Coach Mike Jarvis got off about FIU.
   "Every week, I hear FIU has another player joining its squad, so by the time the salary cap is reached, and the rest of their players are taken off the waiver wires, they’re going to have as talented a team as anybody."
   What any of this means for Thursday's game is anybody's guess.