UALR Coach Steve Shields suspended, but why is he the first?

   Having been around the Sun Belt and covered a lot of men's and women's games over the years (as well as teams from many other conferences), the suspension of Steve Shields for tonight's game is surprising.
   I've seen it a couple of dozen times through the years from many different coaches. Sometimes it's worse than others. Most of the time, the officials keep walking and go to the officials' room until the situation cools down. But I've also been there to see the officials scream back at the coaches.
   The point is, in all the years I've been around this no one has gotten suspended until this week.
That's when North Texas women's Coach Shanice Stephens was suspended. Stephens was suspended on Monday for an incident that took place on Jan. 5. Two days later, Shields was suspended for an incident that took place Jan. 2.
   And the precedent is that the Sun Belt doesn't suspend. Check out this postgame rant from South Alabama Coach Ronnie Arrow in 2009. He was not suspended for this:
   And we all remember the incident with Porter Moser and Monte Towe. Neither was suspended.