Interview with Sun Belt Commish

Here's a nice Q and  A with Sun Belt Conference Commissioner Wright Waters. It was done by Adam Sparks of The Daily News Journal in Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Read it in its entirety here:
SPARKS: Arkansas-Little Rock will be the only non-football Sun Belt member left after Denver leaves in 2012. Does it make the conference stronger or weaker whether UALR stays for the long haul?
WATERS: It doesn't matter. We've got teams that don't play golf or tennis or baseball. North Texas doesn't play baseball. So I think we look at football the same way with UALR. As long as everybody in the league brings value to the enterprise, then everybody serves a purpose. And UALR does that. Their women's basketball, for instance, had great wins last year and represented us well in the NCAA tournament. Basketball has been productive, and we think they will continue to be productive.