If UALR wants to be big time, they need to start acting big time

Last night, I settle in to watch The Steve Shields Show on Channel 49.

From the moment it started, the voices were out of sync with the video. And this is not the first time it has happened. So I Tweeted:

But I really wanted to see the highlights from the Louisiana-Lafayette game. So I stuck with it. Then after the first commercial break, they go to highlights. It's the Georgia State game. From two weeks ago. I quickly realize this is the wrong show.

I had seen a photo UALR posted on Facebook of Shields and Chris Peterson taping the show. So I was pretty sure they did indeed tape the show on Monday. And UALR sent out this Tweet:

I never did get a response from UALR. So I have no idea what happened. So what gives? I can't place any blame for this on Shields. He's merely fulfilling the requirements of his contract with the way the show is done. But it's awful. The video quality is terrible. The audio quality isn't very good. The highlight edits are bad. There is zero thought put into that program. And that's when it actually airs.

Oh and if I can even find it. My Dish Network program guide still lists it as M*A*S*H every Monday night. Perhaps UALR folks are hoping no one will see it.

And why isn't the show at least available on www.ualrtrojans.com?

Again, not Shields' fault. But if UALR wants to be respected as a big-time player, they need to start acting like it.