BTH Analysis: UALR loses four factors, lets opportunity slip away

A strange game with a somewhat strange rotation for UALR in Thursday's 68-57 loss to Georgia State.

UALR lost three of the four factors to winning (effective field goal percentage, offensive rebound percentage and free throw rate) and tied in the other (turnover percentage).

Only two Trojans landed on the plus side of the ledger. Leroy Isler was +4 (50-46) while DeVonte Smith was +1 (31-30).

One interesting rotational mistake happened early in the game. Smith had just picked up a second quick foul just as UALR Coach Steve Shields inserted Mareik Isom into the game. Smith assumed he was sitting down with two fouls and went to the bench. That left UALR with a lineup of Isom, Ben Dillard, Isler, Gus Leeper and Will Neighbour. In reality, Shields wanted to leave Smith in and give Neighbour, playing on an injured ankle, a quick rest. But UALR had to play one possession with that lineup and Georgia State scored on a jump shot by Markus Crider to take a 9-8 lead. Shields had to call a timeout right there because he didn't have a point guard on the court. Smith went back in and Neighbour went to the bench.

The most important segment of the game came just after UALR tied the game 31-31 on a dunk by James White early in the second half. UALR subbed in Dillard for Smith and had Dillard, hagins, Isler, Neighbour and White on the court. But the Trojans went the next six possessions, scoring just one point.