BTH Analysis: Bad start leaves difficult hole for UALR

When you get off to as bad a start as UALR did in Saturday's 99-73 loss at Georgia State, it's difficult for starters' plus/minus numbers to recover.

UALR started with:
  • Turnover by James White
  • Turnover by Will Neighbour
  • Technical Foul on Coach Steve Shields
  • Turnover by Leroy Isler.
It was 9-0 before UALR even attempted a field goal.

And plus/minus season numbers plummeted as a result. Actually, those who finished the game playing garbage time, after Georgia State called off the dogs, won't look so bad. But for a player like Will Neighbour, who started and played most of the meat of the game, it doesn't look pretty.

The Four Factors were interesting because UALR was actually better in free throw rate and offensive rebound percentage. But it didn't matter because Georgia State hammered UALR in the other two. UALR turned the ball over on 27 percent of its possessions. And even though the Trojans shot a nice 48.1 percent in effective field goal percentage, Georgia State shot 64.8 percent.