UALR travel to Tulsa up in the air with icestorm looming

UPDATE: UALR has indeed canceled Friday's classes. But it appears unlikely they'll be able to get very far tonight.

The weather doesn't look promising as UALR prepares for Saturday afternoon's game at Tulsa.

UALR is scheduled to depart Little Rock on Friday afternoon. Forecasts call for ice to be on the ground at that time, putting Saturday's game in question.

UALR faced a dilemma of sorts this week. This is the final week of classes for UALR's fall semester, which ends on Friday. As you might remember from college, many professors use the final days to either go ahead and have a final exam (instead of waiting for next week's exam period) or to make final projects and presentations due. And UALR has several players with school commitments. UALR players have also missed quite a bit of class during the past month due to road trips to Gainesville, Fla.; Murfreesboro, Tenn.; Baton Rouge, La.; and Norman, Okla.

All of that meant leaving Thursday to try and beat the storm was not an option.

Even if UALR was to go ahead and cancel classes tomorrow, it's unlikely UALR could get there this afternoon with the storm currently centered between here and Tulsa. Therefore, they'll stick with their original schedule and attempt to go on Friday.

UALR has been in contact with Tulsa about Saturday's game. At this point, it's still scheduled for 3:30 p.m.

If UALR can't make it there are some possibilities. UALR doesn't play again until next Friday at Memphis. Tulsa is off until the following Saturday. It's possible UALR could play Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. However, Tuesday isn't preferred because it is the first day of scheduled final exams.

The best scenario would be for this storm to slide north a bit, giving them a clear enough path Friday afternoon.