Players producing at both ends of the court missing for UALR

One of the interesting dilemmas surrounding this UALR team has been which combination to have in the game at any particular time. That's just because there hasn't been a group of five that has gotten it done at both ends of the court.

So far this season, the top five team offensive players (team points per minute) have been: 
1. Ben Dillard 1.88 
2. Josh Hagins 1.87 
3. Will Neighbour 1.84 
4. Leroy Isler 1.78 
5. DeVonte Smith 1.76 

For example, in theory, if Ben Dillard played 40 minutes a game, UALR would average 75.2 points per game.

But it's nearly a completely different list when you look at the top five defensive players (team points per minute):
1. Gus Leeper 1.68
2. J.T. Thomas 1.81
3. Leroy Isler 1.85
4. James White 1.86
5. Will Neighbour 1.91

As you can see, only Isler and Neighbour make the top five on both lists. It also shows that since J.T. Thomas' injury, his production has been missed most on the defensive end.

The eight players who made either of these lists are: Smith, Thomas, Hagins, Dillard, Isler, White, Neighbour and Leeper.