Hagins, White only -2 in UALR's 20-point loss at Oklahoma

Blowout games are always interesting when calculating plus/minus. As you might expect, those who play the most minutes typically take the worst beating. But occasionally there's an exception.

Take UALR sophomore Josh Hagins, who had 12 points in 24 minutes in Friday's 101-81 loss to Oklahoma. 

Hagins picked up two early fouls and had to sit quite a while. That is the reason he only played 24 minutes. But his 24 minutes were among UALR's most productive. UALR was only outscored 55-53 in those minutes.

Oklahoma's 101 points equate to 2.53 points per minute, while UALR's 81 points equate to 2.03 points per minute. But with Hagins in the game, Oklahoma went down to 2.29 and UALR went up to 2.21.

Sophomore James White was solid as well. He finished with just 8 points and 5 rebounds in 21 minutes, also limited by foul trouble. But UALR was only outscored 50-48 when White was on the court.