UALR's comeback from 14 down in 76 seconds ranks among biggest last-minute comebacks

Last Friday, UALR rallied from 14 points down with 1:16 left to send the game to overtime, where the Trojans eventually won 85-82. But where does making a 14-point deficit rank with the biggest comebacks of all time? Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be a readily available stat. One of the problems is the time standpoint. Not all games are the same.
  • Trailed  by 14 with 1:16 left (actually 1:09 left).
  • Trailed  by 11 with 1 minute left
  • Trailed  by 7 with 25 seconds left
  • Trailed  by 6 with 17 seconds left
  • Trailed by 6 with 10 seconds left.
Web site BroBible did a great list of the 11 greatest last minute comebacks. Most of their games are NCAA Tournament games. And they're mostly recent games. But UALR's game certainly belongs on a list like this one:

1. Illinois 90, Arizona 89 (2005): Illinois was down by 15 with four minutes left. But the Illini cut the lead to 8 with one minute remaining. The lead was still 8 with 20 seconds left. Illinois trailed by more with 20 seconds left but UALR was down more at the 1 minute mark

2. NC State 69, Pepperdine 67 (1983): NC State, on its way to the National Championship, was down 6 points with 53 seconds remaining. UALR trailed by 9 at the 53 second mark.

3. North Carolina 96, Duke 92 (1974): North Carolina trailed by 8 with 17 seconds left before winning. At the 17-second mark, UALR trailed by 6.

4. Miami 69, Virginia 62 (2011): Miami trailed by 10 points with 37 seconds left before Virginia completely fell apart. UALR trailed by 7 with 37 seconds left.

5. Chicago State 72, Missouri-Kansas City 69: Chicago State trailed by 3 points with 2 seconds left. Chicago State made a 3 to tie, stole the inbounds pass 2/3 of the way down the court and made a heave to win. UALR also trailed by 3 with 2 seconds left, just before Josh Hagins' 3 tied it. That Chicago State win sounds a lot like ORU's victory against UALR a few years ago.

6. Louisville73, Tennessee 72 (2001): Louisville was down 6 with 35 seconds left and won with a 3 at the buzzer. UALR was down 7 with 35 seconds left vs. SU.

7. Barton 77, Winona State 75 (2007): Barton trailed by 8 points with 38 seconds left and then scored the final 10 to win in regulation. UALR trailed by 7 with 38 seconds left.

8. USC 85, Oregon 84 (1999): Oregon led by 5 points with 2.8 seconds left. USC hit one three, stole the inbounds pass and hit a half-court shot to win. UALR trailed by 3 with 2.8 seconds left.

9. Vanderbilt 80, Pittsburgh 74 (1988):  Pitt led by 4 with 12 seconds left. Two three-pointers later Vandy had sent it to overtime. With 12 seconds left, UALR trailed by 6.

10. Anderson 92, Lees-McRae 91 (2009): Anderson trailed by 7 with 22 seconds left before hitting four consecutive three-pointers to win it. UALR trailed by 4 with 22 seconds left, though it would quickly go back to 6 on two Southern free throws.

11. Duke 98, Maryland 96 (2001): Duke trailed by 10 with 53 seconds to go. The Blue Devils tied it on three consecutive three-pointers and won it in OT. UALR trailed by 9 with 53 seconds left.