Burn The Horse is the place for UALR basketball again this year

A reminder about what you can expect from Burn The Horse this season.

The day prior to each game we'll put together the Advance Box for the game with the projected lineups, rotations, statistics and facts about the teams.

On Gameday morning, BTH UALR Gameday will provide a preview of that night's game.

By mid-morning, we should have access to all the Gameday Predictions and we'll compile them.

We'll crank up the Burn The Horse Live Tweetcast about two hours before tipoff. This will include Tweets from BTH as well as sports information and media representatives at the game. We'll also throw in some fans to help provide color.

After the game, you can vote for your BTH UALR Player of the Game. We'll use those votes to ultimately decide the BTH UALR Player of the Year.

We'll also have our postgame story available ASAP.

The next morning stop back by BTH for The Morning After recap with statistics, notes, commentary and more.

Later in the morning, we'll have BTH Analysis, featuring the exclusive Burn The Horse Plus/Minus Ratings for all UALR players. We've also added a new wrinkle to this for the season.

And then we'll try to move on to who's next on the schedule.

As always, we welcome your input at bthualr@gmail.com.