Could this year's UALR Trojans be the fastest yet?

Could this year's UALR Trojans be the quickest team Coach Steve Shields has had? Early indications are that it might be.

Ever since strength and conditioning Coach John Barron arrived at UALR, there's been an unbreakable record of sorts. One of Barron's drills is the 300 shuttle run. And in Barron's time here, no one had done it faster than John Fowler and Shane Edwards. Until this year.

Fowler and Edwards, always competing against each other, had posted the UALR record time of 52.1 seconds. It wasn't bested until this year when sophomore Kemy Osse did it in 51.7.

The drill requires the athlete to run 25 yards back and forth (50 yards total) six times for a total of 600 yards. The player gets a five minute rest and then does it again. Their time is the average between the two runs.

In fact, this year marked the first time three players completed the drill in less than 53 seconds. In addition to Osse's time, junior Ben Dillard and sophomore Stetson Billings each had time in the 52s.