Will Neighbour was UALR's most efficient this season

There are a lot of ways to evaluate basketball players. But in just about all of them, junior Will Neighbour was UALR’s most proficient player this season.

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He led the Trojans in points, rebounds and minutes played. But he also dominated the BTH UALR Plus/Minus statistics all season long.

Neighbour was a team best +77 for the season and +45 in Sun Belt Conference games. He was also the leader at +0.09 plus/minus per minutes played and +2.7 plus/minus per games played. Neighbour also finished with UALR’s best rating six times, most on the team, and in the top five 20 teams, also best.

UALR really spread the wealth around this season. In the first 15 games, UALR had 11 different plus/minus leaders.

Hagins was on the plus side in 19 of the 31 games. That was one better than Neighbour’s 18 of 31.

Nobody was better than Neighbour in home games, where he finished +148. Freshman Josh Hagins was best on the road, finishing at -55. Freshman James White was a whopping 270 points better at home than on the road.

White turned in both the best and worst performances of the season. White was +48 in UALR’s victory St. Gregory’s and -37 in UALR’s loss to Ole Miss.