Not that it matters, but it doesn't appear Townsell's shot should have counted

It wouldn't have changed the outcome in any way, but this just goes to show what kind of night it was. Check out the shot ASU's Ed Townsell made during Thursday's game against UALR. The problem is that it shouldn't have counted. Here's the rule from the NCAA rulebook:

Section 1. Out of Bounds—Player, Ball
Art. 3. The ball shall be out of bounds when it passes over the backboard
from any direction.

UALR's James White had an attempt disallowed in a game earlier this year (White didn't make the shot but officials blew it dead as soon as it went over the backboard). Judge Townsell's shot for yourself:

But veteran officials counted it. Perhaps they ruled it didn't go over the backboard. Again, two points wouldn't have mattered. ASU hammered UALR on Thursday. Sometimes it just isn't your night.