Brady goes off on Benford after overtime incident

Update 2: Benford's response:

Update: Watch the press conference video.
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Apparently there was some sort of incident between Arkansas State Coach John Brady and North Texas Coach Tony Benford on Saturday. It came during overtime as Arkansas State held on to win.

Brady said this:
“Then, all of a sudden, the other coach was yelling at me after he found out the basket was good and the foul was called. He was yelling at me. Well, I don’t even notice the other coach. I told the officials “y’all go ahead and call a double technical on me and the other coach, but let me tell you, you guys know me and y’all have seen me coach a long career. I have never said anything to the other coach. I have always complimented the other coach. I don’t get into verbage with the other coach, but I’m certainly not going to let a first-year coach in the game yell at me on my sideline in my building. That’s not who I am. I told those guys, I said ‘You know me, I don’t do that. I have never in my coaching career verbally attacked the coach from the other team because I know how hard it is, I know how difficult it is. I want other coaches to coach their team however they see fit, but don’t yell at me. I don’t make the calls. I don’t talk to other teams players. Now, if they say something to me running down the floor like y’all have seen before, I will tell the ref ‘don’t let that guy say anything to our bench’ because my players are held accountable for their actions.

“But I don’t yell down the sideline and curse the other coach. I’m not going to do that. That’s not what I do. It’s hard coaching. It’s difficult. So, if you’re going to yell at somebody, yell at the official. That’s what I do."
Love Brady's revisionist history. We remember the exchange that cost Brady a chance at the 2011 Sun Belt Tournament. He was yelling at UALR Assistant Coach Joe Kleine when he received a technical foul. UALR went on to win that game and eventually the Sun Belt Tournament.

Brady went on to say this about Benford:
“So, he’s a first year coach, if that’s the way he acts, he ain’t going to last long. He’s not going to last long. I’m just telling you, it ain’t going to happen."
Good stuff.

Read the entire transcript here.