Experienced vs. Inexperienced as Middle Tennessee hosts UALR

One of the nation’s most experienced teams hosts the nation’s most inexperienced team in college basketball on Thursday night. Sounds like a recipe for disaster for the younger group.

UALR hopes that isn’t the case when it travels to Middle Tennessee on Thursday. Statsheet.com ranks UALR as the nation’s most inexperienced team while it ranks Middle Tennessee as the second most experienced team in the nation.

It’s easy to see why when you look at the rotations of the two teams.

In recent games, UALR has been starting two juniors (Will Neighbour and Leroy Isler), two sophomores (Ben Dillard and Michael Javes) and a freshman (Josh Hagins). But off the bench the Trojans are two sophomores (Gus Leeper and Taggart Lockhart) and three freshmen (James White, Kemy Osse and Stetson Billings). And another freshman, John Gillon, would be getting prime minutes if he wasn’t injured right now.

Middle Tennessee starts two seniors and three juniors. They bring four seniors and two juniors off the bench. Note the absence of two key words: Sophomore and Freshman.