BTH Analysis: Neighbour, Hagins on court for all but two of UALR's points

UALR scored 59 points in Saturday’s victory over Western Kentucky. Will Neighbour and Josh Hagins were on the court for all but two of them.

UALR outscored Western Kentucky 57-50 with Neighbour on the court. And the Trojans outscored the Hilltoppers 57-51 with Hagins on the court. That makes Neighbour a +7 and Hagins a +6 for Saturday’s game, placing both in the top five.

Earning the top spot was combo guard Kemy Osse. For the few minutes Osse had to run the point, UALR was actually -1. But Osse’s shooting guard minutes were solid with UALR outscoring Western Kentucky 29-19.

Here’s Saturday’s top five:

  • Kemy Osse +10 (29-19)
  • Will Neighbour +7 (57-50)
  • Josh Hagins +6 (57-51)
  • James White +4 (10-6)
  • Taggart Lockhart +2 (37-35)
Hagins continues to lead UALR with  a +54 for the season, +0.11 per minute played and +2.7 per game played. Neighbour is a team best +9 in the past five games while Lockhart leads with a +26 in Sun Belt Conference games.