UALR is the most inexperienced team in all of Division I basketball

UALR is the most inexperienced team in all of NCAA Division I basketball according to's analysis.

UALR, which features five freshmen, three sophomores and two juniors in its regular minutes rotation, gets a 1.28 experience fact. Next best is Texas at 1.41 and Northern Illinois at 1.55. Even Kentucky, which reloads with a complete crew of freshmen every year, only rates at 1.87, which is 14th.

Not surprisingly, Middle Tennessee rates as the nation's second most experienced team.

UALR is 7-4 on the season as they head into Saturday's game against Tulsa, which is the 35th most inexperienced team. UALR's rating could change a bit this week with the expected return of sophomore Gus Leeper from injury.

Here's the chart. Click to enlarge. See the full data by clicking here.

The Rank column contains the experience rank where the smaller the number indicates less experience than a team with a higher rank. The Avg column contains the average class year per minute played. The sum of minutes each player plays is multipled by their class year (Freshmen = 1, Sophomore = 2, Junior = 3, and Senior = 4) and is divided by the total team minutes.

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