BTH Analysis: White's minutes kept UALR close with Louisiana Tech

The key minutes of last night’s game came as Louisiana Tech went on a 7-0 run to take a 72-69 lead. UALR had both point guards John Gillon and Josh Hagins in the game along with Leroy Isler, James White and Will Neighbour.

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It culminated with Louisiana Tech’s Kenyon McNeaill hitting a three-pointer from the left corner and the Trojans never held the lead again.

That -7 stretch also cost four of the five a chance to stay on the positive side for the night in the Burn The Horse Analysis Plus/Minus Ratings.

White had a chance to tie the game at the free throw line in the final seconds but missed. But the reality is that White's minutes kept UALR in the game. UALR outscored Louisiana Tech 33-27 when he was on the court. That makes him a team best +6 for the night.

The rest of the top five were:
  • Stetson Billings +1 (9-8)
  • Ben Dillard Ev (20-20)
  • John Gillon -1 (61-62)
  • Josh Hagins -2 (38-40)
When Hagins and Gillon were on the court together at the same time, UALR was a -1 (26-27).

Hagins widened his gap over Neighbour in plus/minus per minutes played for the season. He’s at +.20 while Neighbour is at +.15. Hagins also leads at +4.2 per games played. But Neighbour’s +52 overall remains the team best.

Everyone on the roster is now on the plus side for the season.

Update: The play-by-play was wrong. We determined this after checking the video replay of the game. It turns out White was not on the court when we thought he was. Sorry for that. Actually, the ratings weren't off by much. White was actually a +5 instead of +6 and Javes was actually -3 instead of -4. When I used to sit courtside with my laptop, I used to keep real-time substitutions for my numbers. But that's not possible anymore. So I have to rely on the play-by-play, which can sometimes get confusing.

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