BTH Analysis: UALR outscores Tulsa by 15 with Gillon on the court

One of the things that fans should like most about this UALR team is its ability to have teammates pick up the slack when other teammates struggle.


That was the case again on Saturday in UALR’s 72-65 victory over Tulsa. While some of the typical leaders in the Burn The Horse Plus/Minus Analysis didn’t have great games, others stepped in.

Freshman point guard John Gillon didn’t just lead UALR with 17 points and 7 rebounds. UALR also outscored Tulsa 56-41 with Gillon on the court. His +15 rating was Saturday’s best.

The rest of the top five included:
  • Gus Leeper +9 (14-5)
  • James White +8 (37-29)
  • Taggart Lockhart +4 (55-51)
  • Leroy Isler +2 (35-33)
Josh Hagins still leads the season standings at +.23 per minute played. Hagins and Will Neighbour are tied at +4.7 per game played. And Neighbour’s +56 is best overall.

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