BTH Analysis: Osse, Hagins provide plus minutes in UALR loss to South Alabama

Typically when we analyze the BTH Plus/Minus Statistics, we find everyone to be pretty consistent. When UALR loses big, everyone is well into the minus. When UALR wins big, everyone is far into the plus side. That wasn’t the case during Saturday’s 77-62 loss to South Alabama.

Kemy Osse got the start at point guard and played pretty well. With Osse on the court, UALR outscored South Alabama 42-35. And when Josh Hagins was in the game, UALR outscored South Alabama 15-8. That makes both a team-high +7 on Saturday.
The other three in the top five were:
  • Taggart Lockhart +4 (37-33)
  • Michael Javes +1 (39-38)
  • Will Neighbour -6 (45-51)
The other side of that was the extreme negative numbers posted by others. Most were in the game for most of South Alabama’s 16-0 first-half run. They included John Gillon (-21), Ben Dillard (-20), Leroy Isler (-16), Gus Leeper (-14) and James White (-11).
Hagins now holds the season lead in every category. He’s at +57 for the season and +28 in Sun Belt Conference play. He’s also at +.22 per minute played, +4.4 per game played and is even +39 in his past five games.