Williams, Bozeman, Fowler, Edwards, Jones-Jennings named UALR best in BTH reader poll

The fifth and final poll results are in with Rashad Jones-Jennings beating out Darius Eason for best 5 in the Coach Steve Shields era at UALR.

That makes our winners: 1. D'Andre Williams; 2. Solomon Bozeman; 3. John Fowler; 4. Shane Edwards; 5. Rashad Jones-Jennings.

Those five, and the five runners-up (Zack Graber, Brandon Freeman, Alex Garcia-Mendoza, Courtney Jackson and Darius Eason) would make for a pretty formidable lineup.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote. The response was really great to each and every poll.

More importantly, we killed off about two weeks of dead time leading up to SpectacUALR on Thursday and the official start to practice on Friday.