Edwards voted top 4; Who is the best UALR 5?

Congratulations to Shane Edwards for beating out Courtney Jackson for the best 4 in the Coach Steve Shields era at UALR. With one position to go, our BTH Vote fan poll looks like this:
  1. D'Andre Williams
  2. Solomon Bozeman
  3. John Fowler
  4. Shane Edwards
  5. Current poll
And that brings us to the final poll. Who was the best 5 in the Shields era at UALR. Here are the candidates:
  • Darius "Too Tall" Eason - Solid contributor on two Sun Belt division championship teams. Hit two of the biggest shots during that run. He scored on a dunk late to win at Western Kentucky. And he scored on a buzzer-beating layup to beat Louisiana-Lafayette in the final UALR game at Alltel Arena.
  • Rashad Jones-Jennings - Without much support around him, he was still named first team all-Sun Belt Conference. He led the nation in rebounding and was the bright spot on a couple of  bad teams. Averaged 12.5 points and 13.1 rebounds his senior year.
  • Mike Smith - He was also on the 4 ballot, but probably spent more of his time here. Smith won two division championships in his three seasons. In his third season, his knee injury in the first Sun Belt Conference game ended any hopes of a three-peat.
  • Derrick Bails - He was an enigma at UALR. One game, he looked all-Sun Belt worthy. The next, he couldn't even stay on the court. But he did win two division championships and the Sun Belt Tournament.
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