Burn The Horse message board a new place to discuss UALR basketball

We're trying something new at Burn The Horse.
We've left the discussion part of UALR athletics to Trojan Town in the past. But starting today we're making the jump into our own discussion board on Burn The Horse.

You can find it at www.burnthehorse.proboards.com.

Through the years I've noticed a lot of people come and go from the UALR message board. While the same 10-12 posters remain the same, there always seems to be a lot of occasional activity. Some folks will post a couple of times and go away. Others will have a run in with someone and go away. Others are probably turned off by the non-UALR and personal discussions that take place. They also go away.

We want you back. All of you. Register for a ProBoards account and give us your opinion on UALR basketball and Burn The Horse. Jeffrey Slatton will interact with posters and give his exclusive opinions on the Burn The Horse Board.

We also see via Burn The Horse pageviews that the number of hits to our site doesn't necessarily correlate between a link on a message board. Sometimes it does, other times it doesn't. If you're just lurking, we want you to post. We need more passionate, opinionated folks.

We'll try to promote this over the next couple of months to see if it's worth the effort. We won't be offended if you continue to post at Trojan Town. Any discussion of UALR basketball is better than no discussion. We'd just like to see you give it a try over here as well.

What we can promise is that our basketball board will be strictly about UALR basketball. Any non-UALR basketball posts will be removed.

There's also a mobile app for ProBoards. And it works pretty well.

Thanks everyone for your support.