Bozeman wins top shooting guard; up next we find UALR's best 3 guard

Solomon Bozeman wins top shooting guard during the Coach Steve Shields era in a landslide victory. He joins our winner for top point guard D'Andre Williams.
Up next, we'll continue to kill time this offseason by looking at the best 3 guard (or off guard) in the Coach Steve Shields era at UALR. The candidates are:

Josh Jacobs - Solid defensive contributor during Shields' first two seasons at head coach. Didn't provide much offensive pop but did a lot of things to make that team successful.

Elijah Muldrow - Two nice seasons at UALR for Muldrow, who arrived after a run at a California juco. Muldrow could do a little bit of everything.

John Fowler - Simply put the best defensive player UALR has had during the era. Fowler could absolutely lock up an opponents' best player. He could also shoot it a little, nailing two huge shots to beat Denver in the Sun Belt Tournament.

Alex Garcia-Mendoza - Always gave everything he had on the court. El Fuerte was a definite fan favorite and intercepted the final pass as UALR upset North Texas in the Sun Belt Tournament championship game. He also hit a memorable half-court buzzer beater to beat ASU.

There are your candidates. Vote in the left column of this page. And when you're finished, sign up for an absolutely free account and discuss your choice with fellow Trojan fans by clicking HERE.