Isom running away with Burn the Horse top UALR freshman poll

We'll have to wait until November to find out if UALR freshman Mareik Isom will be a solid pickup. But one thing is for certain. He's got a lot of family and friends who read Burn The Horse. And we're excited to have them and Mareik with us this year.

Isom is running away with the Burn The Horse poll asking which freshman will have the biggest impact this season. Isom sits at 37 percent and has continued to build his lead over the past week.

Most of the remainder of the freshmen class is bunched up. Josh Hagins is at 12 percent, Stetson Billings 10 percent, John Gillon 8 percent, Kemy Osse 7 percent and Andrew Poulter 1 percent.

We'll leave this poll up a little longer so the ballot box can continue to be stuffed. And if you've got an idea for future polls, send them to