UALR fails to match 3 of 4 keys in loss to SMU


Ben Dillard went 2 for 4 from
three-point range on Sunday.
Just wanted to check back in on Sunday’s BTH Keys to Winning to see how we did.
  1. Limit Nyakundi. For most of the game, this definitely happened. However, allowing him to shoot two open threes in overtime washed away the fine effort against him in the first 40 minutes. Neighbour’s leaving him unguarded for a crushing three-pointer late put the Trojans away. Fail.
  2. Get Neighbour on track: It started out great. But Neighbour only attempted two shots after halftime. He had a very nice game with the exception of turnovers. Fail.
  3. Find a shooter: Ben Dillard did a nice job starting at the two guard. We’d like to see more of him. Check.
  4. Win turnovers and rebounds. Rebounds. Check. Turnovers. Epic Fail.
UALR found out on Sunday that it’s a 40-minute game (or in this case 45).