How it went down: UALR's collapse, ORU's miracle shot

Here's how the final seconds went down on Monday.

UALR’s Chuck Guy makes two free throws to give the Trojans a 52-51 lead.

ORU’s Roderick Pearson makes two free throws to give the Golden Eagles a 53-52 lead.

UALR is patient on offense and D’Andre Williams makes a pull-up jumper to give the Trojans a 54-53 lead.

Oral Roberts’ Roderick Pearson turns the ball over while being guarded by UALR’s Tramar Sutherland. UALR inbounds the ball to Sutherland, a 58 percent free throw shooter. Sutherland makes the first and misses the second for a 55-53 UALR lead.

Oral Roberts’s Dominique Morrison misses a shot. On the rebound, UALR’s Chuck Guy gets possession and the Trojans call timeout with 3.8 seconds left.

UALR’s Taggart Lockhart tries to inbound the ball to Guy in the corner. Oral Robert’s Warren Niles tips the ball and Niles and Guy dive for it. The official calls a foul on Guy.

Niles makes two free throws to tie the game.

UALR tries to inbound the ball for the “home run” play. Sutherland takes it out of bounds and attempts to throw a long pass to Courtney Jackson. Jackson is then going to quickly pitch the ball to either D’Andre Williams or Guy (It’s the Valpo play from NCAA Tournaments past). But the ball sails over the head of both Jackson and ORU’s Michael Craion. It actually misses Craion’s fingertips by inches.

Damen Bell-Holter is really out of position when he catches the ball and travels with it as his momentum carries him backward.

He takes two dribbles with the right hand and has to shift the ball from right to left  back to right to avoid a steal attempt from Guy. In the process he takes an extra step.

Bell-Holter lets it fly. It’s a line drive that looks like it might knock the backboard down. Yet the ball hits directly in the square, bangs off the bottom edge of the front of the rim and straight into the basket.

Other than an offensive foul, the only other way UALR can lose the game in regulation is if an ORU player catches the ball 75 feet from the basket and flings it all the way into the other basket in 2.7 seconds. That’s exactly what happened.