Denver avoids Utah State chant in big win for Sun Belt

I don't think Utah State is quite as good as they've been in past years, but Denver's victory over the Aggies last night was really impressive.

Denver went into Logan, Utah, and beat Utah State by 13 points to get to 5-1 on the season. Utah State had its 33-game home-court winning streak snapped. Of all the places UALR has been in the time I've been around, Utah State's atmosphere is one of the most impressive. It's no wonder they win big there. Check out this video of their fans during normal pregame warmups.

To Denver's credit, they didn't have to witness this last night. This is the Utah State fans when they think they've got it wrapped up.

Utah State students might not have done it anyway. Apparently, they were protesting a crackdown on their behavior. They sat silently during the early parts of the game. That had to shake up the home squad and probably helped Denver get off to a good start.
But give Denver credit too. Denver has traditionally won big at home and struggled mightily on the road. That's been their downfall both in the conference season and in the Sun Belt Tournament. There was no sign of that last night as they had their way with Utah State. Check out DU Coach Joe Scott after the game:

By the way, Denver also beat Saint Mary's last week. They appear to be for real this year in the Sun Belt.